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March 23, 2013
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England X Reader: 'Make A Wish'

(A/N: My submission to The-Hetalia-Hangout’s contest.)


It was a late night. Stars were out, and the moon was shining brightly. Lighting up the hill full of poppies and daffodils. You and a certain Brit were lying on top of a picnic blanket that was simply sprawled on the floor. The night sky was filled with stars, a few fireflies were flying about. An old robin's nest abandoned, high up in a nearby tree.

It was a quiet night. The silence was bliss, away from all the noise you were so used to. The usual hustle and bustle of the city was stressful, so the calm and stillness of the night, in an empty field was relaxing. It was like a small haven in a world full of troubles, problems, worries, regrets and lies.

Snuggling closer to England, his scent of tea and vanilla is warm and inviting. You nuzzle his cheek inhaling more of his scent, the Brit’s cheeks heat up from the sudden affectionate gesture. This was normal, an affectionate gesture from you always embarrassed the Brit. But he truly did love it when you were around. Your presence made everything instantly better for him. To him, you were like a wish come true, or a dream made real. And if he woke up too soon, you’d be gone. He’d wake up alone in his bed.

Your sweet scent, captivating smile, bright and cheerful eyes, all that. Would all be gone and be simply part of his dream. But no, this wasn’t a dream even if it felt like one. It was true, it was reality and he wasn’t complaining.
He enjoyed every moment with you. Having you in his arms, sharing a discreet kiss or two here and then, and simply just sitting down and having a chat. It didn’t matter what you were doing, as long as you two were together he enjoyed every second, every minute, every hour and every day.

You two just lay there, talking about anything really. From talking about how your day to how annoying America was at the meeting today. These little things made you happy. You didn’t have to receive a gift from him, just him being able to spend time with you was the best gift you could ever get. But still, that didn’t stop him from spoiling you. Even when you kept telling him not to.

Pulling you closer to him, you look up to watch the stars. Twinkling ever so brightly whilst lighting up the night sky. The moon was out, lighting up the field perfectly. A few fireflies could be seen flying around. The wind blowing softly and carrying the sweet scent of the flowers.

To your utter shock and delight, you see a shooting star. Sitting up quickly, England speaks softly while holding your hands in his. “Make a wish, (Name).”

Cupping his face in your hands bringing him closer, you whisper ever so softly, “Why make a wish when I already have everything I could ever ask for?” Your soft lips pressed against his, suddenly fireworks fly. The bright shimmering lights brightening up the place.

England chuckles to himself, “I need to thank, America later..” Then looking back at you he plants a soft kiss on your forehead.

“Happy Anniversary, love..”


Hoped you enjoyed.~
Edit [4/20/13] UNFFF. I JUST. UNFFF. I found out I won.. And. I got first place.. And... Heart attack.. I just. Unf. Anyways glad you guys liked this story even with it's shortness. ^^


My contest entry to #The-Hetalia-Hangout's contest.

Hope you enjoy!

Cover image isn't mine it belongs to it's original owner/artist.

Story & Plot Idea © Me

England, America & Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:

You © England :iconenglandplz:

I'm sorry it's short!!! T.T
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