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February 25, 2013
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Spain X Reader

'Mi tomate' 

(A/N: Fluff fic. Constructive Criticism is most welcome. Hope you enjoy!)


It was a bright and early morning. You woke up from a nice undisturbed sleep. And by 'undisturbed', I mean a certain Spaniard did not suddenly crush you in a tight hug in your sleep. Neither did he start whispering Spanish words that you couldn't quite comprehend, nor did he say it with this sexy accent and tone which turned you on every time when you were about to finally fall asleep.

'Finally.... I had enough sleep for once. Oh God..... I miss sleeping late and waking up late.' You thought to yourself happily. Looking at the little tomato clock (a gift from Romano and Italy) hanging by the wall. You realized you slept 12 hours straight, that wasn't what shocked you though. It was the fact a Spaniard hadn't woken you up by now. 

Wondering where your Spanish boyfriend was, you got up, taking your soft, long (f/c) coat-like jacket because it was cold and you were only in a big t-shirt, which semi-covered your shorts. You fix your hair up in a messy bun and slip into some soft slippers. 
As you tread carefully down the stairs, you see photos of Romano, Philippines and Mexico when they were still young colonies of his. You knew about the whole 'Country' thing, and you didn't mind nor find it weird. You were actually fascinated and interested with it. That's what Spain liked about you, you were never one to judge and your personality was just.... so unique. You didn't try to be like others. Basically to him, you're perfect, even if you didn't think so. That's what he always wanted I prove to you. 


As you look around the house, to sadly, find it empty. You decide to look outside, in the garden instead. You peer out from a window in the kitchen which overlooks the garden. And you see a hunched tan figure, tending to his little tomato plants. Whistling a soft tune the whole time he works, almost as of he was whistling to the tomatoes. 

Glad that you found him. You decide to sneak up from behind him. Careful not to step on any of his prized tomatoes, you make your way cautiously and quietly behind him. Then you quickly pull him into a hug from behind. Softly whispering 'Buenos dias, amor.~[1]' in his ear. 

He smiles, and turns around to give you a quick peck on your lips. 

"Hola, (name).~[2] I see you finally woke up, si?" 
Smiling back at him, you kiss him on the cheek, "Of course I had to wake up. But what troubled me, was that you weren't next to me, amor." A cute pout forms on your lips. He chuckles, to him you looked so adorable right now. Even if you were trying I be serious. That's cause you were his 'tomato' or as he says, 'Mi tomate.' 

Nuzzling your cheek, he softly replies, "Lo siento, amor.~[3]You seemed so tired. So I decided to let you sleep the day away. It's not like you'd miss anything anyways, sė?" His dark forest green eyes looking at yours, almost as if peering into your soul. The pools of green pulling you in, his eyes were so attractive. They were one of the things you loved about him. That, and how caring he was. 

A soft laugh escapes your mouth. You plant a soft kiss in his cheeks. A blush forms across his face at the affectionate gesture, but a soft smile creeps across his face. 

"I would've missed your smile."



[1] 'Buenas dias, amor.~' - 'Good morning, love.~'
[2] 'Hola, (Name).~' - 'Hi, (Name).~'
[3] 'Lo siento, amor.~' - 'I'm sorry, amor.~'

If there are any mistakes, please do tell me! I would really appreciate it.~
You're simply Spain's tomato, and there's nothing you can do about it. XD
You also remember all the reasons as to why you love the bubbly Spaniard.

|EDIT 2|
Semi-sequel to this: [link]

Thanks to some helpful comments, I fixed le title and stuff. Sorry 'bout that! I don't really speak Spanish, so thanks for correcting it! I can't really change the accents though 'cause I'm on my laptop which won't let me do that. (stupid laptop -3-) If there are any other mistakes, please inform me. I would really appreciate it! ^.^


I really should get to work on my other favorite genre (angst) since I'm slowly forgetting how to write for it. :iconfacepalmplz:

Hope you liked it! Even if it was kinda short. Didn't really have time to make it long.. Stupid school. :iconsweatdropplz:

Spain & Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Plot & Story Idea (c) Me

Cover Image (c) Isn't mine, credits go to the artist.

You (c) This sexy bastard right here XD: :iconsexyspainplz:
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ValkerieSky Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Praise the Lord someone recognized Philippines <3 I wuv this fic
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My country IS Philippines too :iconmotherofplz: nice story!
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So kawaii and fluffy!!!
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Hinatathebloom1 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
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